As I posted before, Typhoon Fitow left us alone, but Typhoon Danas (to experience, to feel, which we probably will), formerly Tropical Depression 23, is heading our way. Below is the latest forecast from Weather Underground. It isn’t going to smack right into Yeosu, but we’ll probably get a lot of rain and some wind. It looks like Tuesday will be the day of greatest impact, and I hope it’s out of here by Wednesday, which is Hangul Day (hahn-gool, approximately) in South Korea. What is Hangul Day? It’s National Alphabet Day, believe it or not, commemorating the invention of the Korean alphabet. Pretty cool, eh? The Korean alphabet is extremely easy to learn. I picked it up after only a few days in the country, back in 2003 in Andong. Yup, I could walk along the streets or ride the bus, gazing out the window, and I was able to read almost all of the signs. I could read them, not understand them. Anyway, I hope Wednesday turns out to be a nice one.