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That Time of Year, Again

Yup, it’s the time of year for a couple of things. First, Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends in the States and to all Americans wherever you happen to be. For me, it’s just another day, a regular working day, no less. I won’t be cooking up anything special; I’m having pork cutlets, mashed potatoes and some baked beans (cooked on the stove). I don’t have an oven, so roasting a turkey or chicken is out of the question; I content myself with memories of past Thanksgivings. I can smell the turkey roasting in the kitchen right now, and I remember the smell of the pumpkin pie being baked the evening before. Mmmmm, are you all enjoying the aromas, too? Getting ready to sit down to a nice feast, and watch a football game afterward? Maybe later playing some board games with the kids? Whatever you do, have a great day!

Let’s see, what am I thankful for? I guess I’m thankful for making it through another year. By that I mean my ??th birthday, coincidentally, falls on Thanksgiving this year (or vice-versa), as it does every 7 years or so. Whoopee! Party time! Break out the good Scotch and light the cake! Well, I was gonna light the candles, but I’m afraid of starting another out-of-control conflagration. (See here and here.) I had to quit adding candles about here and was afraid to light them up.

birthday cake candles

Also, taking all of the candles back out so that I could eat a thousand or so calories of goo just wasn’t worth it, so I threw the whole mess out. Happy Birthday, MontanaRon and Happy Thanksgiving to all. More later.


  1. Ken

    Happy (65th) Birthday and Happy (Good memories of) Thanksgiving olde buddy. Time marches on for all of us! I was surprised to read you are job hunting again, but wanted to wish you well in that regard. Will you ever consider getting back to the States? After all, it’s still your turn to buy lunch. Godspeed to ya…………

  2. montanaron

    Hi, Ken. Thanks for writing. 65? Yikes, that’s a large number. Hope it gets much larger. Yeah, and I got me a job, too. I’ll post about it when the contract has been signed. One of these days I’ll be back, but no immediate plans. Maybe 50th high school reunion, just to gloat. Lunch will be on me, of course. Oatmeal for everyone!

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