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Fighter Jets

I was jogging on the university soccer field yesterday around noon when a couple of fighter jets came shrieking by at a relatively low altitude right overhead. There are no military air bases near Yeosu, so I don’t know where they’re stationed; it’s a small enough country that they could have been from anywhere. We don’t see too many of these guys buzzing us, but when they do come around I always wonder–is this the big one? Have the neighbors up north finally decided to go nuts? So, after they zoomed by, I listened for civil defense sirens. Nothing, naturally. I probably would have heard explosions going off in the petro-chemical industrial park just over the mountains from the university. No, I’m not that paranoid. Most of us expats and most South Koreans don’t take the North’s blustering very seriously. Just occasionally, though, my imagination takes off.


  1. Ron, there are USAF F-16s at Osan AFB in southern Seoul and F-16s at Kunsan, on the western coast right across the Yellow Sea from China (about 3.5 hours by highway SW of Seoul). The Kunsan Base also hosts South Korean AF fighter aircraft. Depending on what type fighters they were, the also could have come from Misawa AB in northern Japan (F16s) or possibly from Kadena AB in Okinawa (F-15s). All those units routinely train over Korea and all water around South Korea.

  2. montanaron

    January 2, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Hi, Ken. Thanks for the info. Yeah, it’s a fairly compact area over here, so those jets could have come from anywhere. They’re very exciting to watch when they come in as low as they did.

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