Yeosu rarely gets any snow. It snows about once a season, and it hadn’t snowed yet this winter until this morning. I woke up at my usual early hour, 5:30, looked out my bedroom window and saw quite a few large flakes coming down. Because it was still dark, I couldn’t see how deep it was until I went to work, when I had to slog through about two inches of soft, wet snow. One of my colleagues, who has been here about as long as I, said that she thought this was the most snow we’ve received in at least five years, and I agreed.

I don’t really care for the stuff, after living through 40 years’ worth of Montana winters, but this snowfall, our first and probably only one this winter, was kind of entertaining. I saw a few people slipping and sliding on the sidewalks and a few cars weren’t being very careful on the somewhat icy road. I almost went down a few times myself.

So, here are a few snapshots I took while I walked to work. At first sight, I thought the fellow in one of the photos below was using a snow shovel to clear the road, but another teacher told me later that he was using a sign! Other people were using brooms. Like I said, we’re not used to snow.

Motorbikes in snow

Right outside the front door of the dormitory, two lonely motorbikes.

Benches in snow

Nobody’s gonna be sitting here for a while.

Footprints in the snow

Looks like I’m not the first one to go up the steps this morning.

Steps covered in snow

Careful walking up the steps or you might find yourself going back down

Shoveling snow

This guy’s using a sign to shovel the snow. Are there any snow shovels in Yeosu?

Tire tracks in the snow

A few cars have been by already.

Camellias in the snow

The camellias probably aren’t enjoying this.