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Pi Mai Lao Holiday

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’m working at Vientiane College and living at The Farm. The Farm doesn’t have a very reliable internet connection. When I can get connected, it’s painfully slow. About all I can do is give a quick check of my email, check the weather forecast and look at the baseball scores. Doing those three things takes about 30 minutes.

The college has a better connection, but I’m usually busy getting ready for classes, attending meetings for new teachers and getting used to the new teaching environment. At least I can take a more in depth look at my email.

Right off the bat, though, we’ve got an eleven day vacation. Lao New Year, Pi Mai Lao, begins soon. It’s the same celebration as Songkran in Thailand. The main thing the visiting tourist will see is water, water everywhere in the form of water fights. Prepare to get soaked by ice water thrown from small buckets or shot from Super Squirt Guns. It’s all in fun, of course, but it can get old after awhile.

Because the majority of people start celebrating early and finish late, the administration has called off classes this Saturday, the 12th, and we won’t resume again until Monday, April 21st. After this evening’s classes, I won’t teach again until the 22nd, since I’m on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday morning schedule.

I’m sure I won’t be posting again because I’ll be at The Farm until the 22nd, but I’ll get some more thoughts and photos of Pi Mai Lao posted shortly thereafter. Stay tuned.

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  1. Yo Ron, definitely sounds like you’re enjoying the new digs. Hope you have a great vacation. Looking forward to some photos of Laos New Year.

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