Yeah, I’ve been showing my blog no love at all lately. How long has it been since I last posted here? Much, much too long. I’ll try to rectify that soon.

I’ve had a bad cold for the last few weeks, and it’s been hard to shake. I think it’s finally going away, though the intense coughing, at times, is still driving me batty. Hope that goes away soon, too.

It’s been quite cold lately, cold for here, that is. Nighttime temperatures have been getting down to the mid- to low-50s (10-12 C), which is freezing, if you’re not used to it. All too soon, however, the heat will be with us again. In fact, it’s supposed to get into the mid-90s this coming weekend, with lows of around 60 or so.

Right now, I’m filling in at work for another teacher who had to go back to the ‘States unexpectedly, so I’ve been working every day this week. I have one more night of classes to cover next week, then I’m back to my three-days-a-week schedule. The extra money will be nice, but the grind of driving back and forth 25 kilometers every day isn’t a lot of fun.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be doing more posting, giving the blog some attention for a change. Stay tuned.