The latest piece of digital art I’ve been working on is also the most complex I’ve undertaken. I’m tentatively entitling it “Midnight in the Oriental Garden: Reflections.”

I’ve been working on it for a while now and it’s not nearly finished; I have to do the lighting and toning in the piece, but before I start on that, I want to take out the present background, a silhouette of the Bangkok skyline at night, and put a Buddhist temple in its place. I’m also going to add a tree to the side of the bench with some overhanging branches to which are attached some more lanterns. I’m thinking of putting in a small fountain or a small pond (or part of one), some more vegetation and flowers, some other odds and ends, and someone sitting on the bench.

I’ve got some temple photos I’ve taken in the past, but none that I like, and in my latest iteration I’ve got part of a tree next to the bench, but I’m not really enamored of it, so I need another tree. I also need a fountain or pond. Because I need some photos of these, I’m going to do a photo walk in Vientiane on Saturday afternoon to see if I can find some suitable subjects. As far as finding a bench-sitter, well, I’ve got that figured out–me. I’m going to take a series of self portraits, probably Sunday afternoon in my house, with me in various poses. That oughta be fun! Wish me luck.