I did a photo walk yesterday (Saturday), looking for shots of temples, trees, fountains and a few other items that I want to add to “Midnight Garden” that I mentioned in my previous post. I found a few decent temple and tree possibilities, though I haven’t tried putting them into the composition yet. The one fountain I looked at was completely unsuitable. There’s a large structure in the middle of it and there was no water in it yesterday afternoon. At night, however, it’s quite beautiful.


Namphou Fountain, Vientiane. Not my photo. Got it from Freemages.com under a Creative Commons license (free).

I’ll probably have to find some photos of a fountain online, though I’d rather use my own photos, which kind of make me feel more like I “own” the composition, so to speak. However, I won’t look online right away, because, with the various courses I’m taking and for which I paid a fairly hefty price, I have royalty-free access to literally many gigabytes of resources–textures, frames, overlays, backgrounds, photo shoots of models, and many, many more items, including a wealth of high-res photos, all included in the price of the courses. I spent much of the morning downloading some of these resources and I noticed, in passing, a photo of a fountain that might work out OK, but I’ll have to take another look at it. I dare say that there are other fountains somewhere in the piles of stuff I’ve downloaded already. They’re sitting in Lightroom just waiting to be given keywords for search purposes. Gotta get on that one of these days. (HA!)

For now, though, I’ll get several more gigs of “stuff” downloaded while Nai’s brother-in-law is fixing a few of the doors in the house. The most important one is the front door lock. You can lock it from the inside (push-button style), but all someone has to do is yank on the outside handle and the lock opens. Not good.