Thank you, Boston. Johnny Damon put the Yanks ahead tonight, 5-3, with a 3-run homerun. Subsequently, they went ahead 8-3. Wow!!! Looks like they’re going to be the only team not to have been swept in 3 games this year. Hopefully, they’ll kick butt the next two games to advance to the League Championship against the Red Sox. Joba Chamberlain, sans bugs, looks spectacular, as does Phil Hughes. The future of the Yanks, with Joba, Wang, Hughes, Cano, Cabrera, and all the great Dominican players at the camp in Boca Chica, looks, . . . well, . . . great. Maybe I’m overstating, but I’m very optimistic, having seen the quality of the up-and-comers. Awesome!

Ok, enough baseball. I’m back in the Dominican Republic after enjoying 2 months in Laos, Thailand and Singapore. It was a wonderful, although expensive, stay. The cost I don’t care about. To be in Laos, so laid back, so friendly, so beautiful and so untouched, relatively, by tourism, is more than a great vacation, it is a future abode, despite its Communist government. The people more than make up for the government. . . . Friendly, helpful, open, happy. Happy? Under a Communist regime? . . . Yes, and poverty aplenty does not negate the laid back, happy lifestyle. Some day, when I’m old and decrepit, I intend to finish there.

Anyway, this week sees me going to Samana, one of the great whale-watching areas in the world. I’ll be conducting 3 days worth of English Language Teaching workshops focusing on English for Tourism purposes. From a previous visit, I know that most of the attendees (teachers) are not trained as language teachers nor do they even speak and understand English. I’ve been told that there will be a translator to help me out. It’s hard to believe that students are able to learn a language under these conditions. How effective can I be? Is this gonna be difficult or what? It seems to be a waste of time and resources, but I’ll do the best I can.

More later.

LATER ADDITION: (Woo-hoo). It’s official, Yanks win 8-4. “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” Watch out Boston (I hope).