Having not jogged steadily for about 3 months, I’ve been building up my endurance for the past week or so. This morning, making several circuits of the outfield warning tracks, I got up to 52 minutes and my goal for the near future is at least one hour. It’s much easier to start running when there is barely enough light out to see because it’s a lot cooler then. However, this weekend’s weather may put a crimp in my schedule. The Weather Underground tropical blog is reporting that there is a low-pressure system headed our way soon. Here’s what it has to say:

“The action shifts to the Dominican Republic on Saturday and Haiti on Sunday, as 90L tracks just south of the island of Hispaniola. These nations can expect rains of 3-6 inches, which could trigger life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.”

Doesn’t sound too pleasant, eh? The fields will probably be completely unsuitable for jogging, but maybe I can get out on the paved access road between torrents.

As I expected (really, I did), the Red Sox are showing their dominance over the Rockies. I kind of figured the long layoff was going to hurt Colorado, and that does seem to be a factor. Another American League triumph is in the making. Let’s hope that next year the Yankees will be the team that’s dominating. More later.