Yes, Christmas is still two months away, but Noel is hanging around here. His remnants appeared to have left the area after this morning’s early blowout (see previous post). Most of the day was overcast, but there was no rain. . . until about 5:30 this afternoon, when, right in the middle of one of the English classes, there was another heavy rainfall, including a thunderstorm or two in the vicinity. I expected the water to have crept under my apartment door again, but apparently it wasn’t windy enough to aid in the process. (Small delights, so nice.) But even now, at 8 p.m, it’s still raining, though not heavily. There won’t be any baseball games played until probably next week, at this rate. Some of the forecasts I read are calling for 2-4 more inches of rain (more, locally) up through tomorrow night. Below is a map of the rainfall total from the storm so far. Click on the title below the picture to see a larger image. We’re the X on the central southern coast in the 6-9″ category, just missing making it to the 9-12″ mark, but we seem to be gaining.

(Taken from the Weather Underground blog (hope that’s ok).

I was able to go jogging on the access road this morning and took a closer look at the fields. A couple of the outfield chain link fences were almost knocked down by this morning’s furious assault and were not completely toppled only because the palm trees encircling the two fields kept them from going over. Out on the main road, the top half of a once-large tree had been snapped off and was almost blocking traffic. Before I finished my jog, our crack ground crew was hacking it into pieces with their machetes. Other than that, there really isn’t a lot of visible damage and most of the water outside of the fields has drained off. Hopefully, we’ll not get too much more and things will eventually dry out. More later.