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Weather, Baseball and Down Home Guys

Although Tropical Storm Sinlaku might have an effect on our weather tomorrow, with a 70% chance of rain predicted, the conditions here have been beautiful lately, with blue skies and moderate temperatures. We had a bit of rain Monday evening, but overall it’s been very nice.

It looks like the season is over for the Yankees, with only a snowball’s chance in hell of making the playoffs. Hmmmm, then who am I rooting for? Not Boston, not ever, no way, no how–except for one condition. I would root for them, possibly, only if they made the World Series because I HATE the National League, but as far as the American League Championship goes, may the Red Sux be playing golf in late October. I suppose I might be prodded into rooting for Tampa Bay, but — and a BIG but — and in contradiction to what I stated above about the NL, I might root for the Cubs if they make it into the Series and if they play against the Red Sux, if they make it. That would actually be a fantastic Series, one for the ages. Not sure if it’ll happen, though. Both teams tend to disappoint. (An understatement, at best.)

So far, Yeosu, and, in particular, the university, has been superb. My students, for the most part, are very nice kids — respectful, willing to learn and willing to interact with me outside of classes. (Remember, I posted before that I live on-campus.) The city itself, which I haven’t seen enough of yet, is also quite nice. In many other cities in the country, foreigners are, in a way, frowned upon. Yeosu citizens, however, have been nothing but friendly to me. It’s really a nice place, the city and the university working conditions. I can see staying here for at least a few years, and I recommend the area, especially since it is hosting the 2012 World Expo. One upshot of having the Expo here is that the Yeosu City Hall is pushing for their employees to take English lessons, so I’m teaching a couple of classes a week that are exclusively for City Hall workers (very welcome overtime hours).

One observation that is quite a bit late. I was VERY impressed with Montana Governor Schweitzer’s address to the Democratic Convention a bit back. The guy was very folksy, yet oratorical. A credit to the state. I hope ALL Montanan’s, whatever their political persuasions, are proud of his appearance in Denver. More later.

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  1. We can forgive you your lapses in judgement since you are such a nice fellow. As for the Cubbies, if they make the WS, even Boston fans would have a hard time not rooting for them because if there was ever a city who understands that it’s Cincinnati’s long overdue turn for a championship, it would be Boston. In other words, if we HAVE to lose, let it be to the Cubs (at this point, let it be to just about ANYBODY but the Dodgers and he-who-shall-remain-nameless!! You think Damon had it bad ? Just you wait to see the reception of a certain long-haired crybaby dogger !!)

    Nice milestone for NY’s Rivera by the way … wonder how much time is left on his contract …hmmmmmm !

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