In the previous post, I asked readers to leave a comment, if they so desired. So, I was fooling around on the blog, still tweaking (which I’m sure I’ll be doing for quite a while) and looking for things to fix. I noticed that when I tried to type in a comment that whatever I typed in the comment box didn’t show up. The letters were there, but the color almost exactly matched the background color. I fixed that. So, if you’ve tried to leave a comment previously but were thwarted by that problem, give it another try. It should be ok now.

Also note that you’re not required to leave your email address or your URL, if you have one. Those are optional. I would appreciate a name though.

One more thought, if you see anything else wrong with the blog, like the comment box problem, please let me know. I’m always looking around, but I’m sure there are things I may have missed. Thanks.