Yes, it’s that time of year when the prevailing winds blow sand from the Gobi desert onto the Korean peninsula. “The yellow dust season runs from March to June, with the heaviest dust concentrations typically coming in late April and early May,” according to an article on the Stars and Stripes website. The article also states that experts are predicting a light dust season. Well, except for today.

The peninsula is in the middle of a dust alert for today and on into tomorrow morning, with the highest stage alert expected to be issued as dust clouds continue to be blown over the area. You can read this Yonhap News Agency report about the dust.

It’s been pretty hazy all day here in Yeosu, so, after jogging this morning and sucking in a lot of the dust (and being sandblasted by the high winds that have blown most of the day), I did a little walking around campus this afternoon to take a few photos.

Here’s a shot of Horangsan (san = mountain) from street level and one from a 5th floor outside stairway on one of the campus buildings.

Here’s a shot of Yeosu looking away from the sun, which makes quite a difference in the perceived clarity. It doesn’t look all that bad in this view.

Now here’s one looking in the direction of the sun. Looks pretty bad!

Finally, a view of the golf course.

And a few other shots. This is one of the many little court areas that are sprinkled around campus, places to sit and relax, shady and flowered.

There’s a roundabout on the main road that runs from one side of the campus to the other. In the middle of it is a large pine tree set in a colorful bed of azaleas.

Do you remember in the previous post that I mentioned a strange walkway below the dorms? Well, here it is. What is it used for? I’ve no idea, since I’ve never seen anyone using it. Hmmm, quite odd. That’s it for now, but I took quite a number of photos last weekend, which I’ll try to show you soon. More later.