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Day: May 2, 2011

Another Yellow Dust Photo

I had about an hour until my next class, so I walked to a vantage point and took a photo of one of the downtown areas of Yeosu. Contrast it with the same view I took yesterday afternoon. Of course, the angle of the sunlight emphasizes the dust in this photo, but it’s still pretty bad.

Also, to give some perspective to the roundabout photo I posted yesterday, here’s a shot from a further distance.

OK, that’s probably it for the dust photos, unless it gets a whole lot worse. Hopefully, it’ll start to clear up as the day goes along.

Yellow Dust Update

The dust level this morning is about twice what it was yesterday, approaching the highest level alert stage of 800 ppm, according to the Korean Meteorological website. It’s about the worst I’ve seen it in Yeosu. Here’s an unretouched photo I just took from my office window. Below it is a photo I took a few weeks ago. (Yeosu University Spring Photos.) More later.

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