Here’s an article entitled “Yeosu Expo struggles with signage in other languages” from the Korea JoonAng Daily newspaper. The main premise of the article is that there are not enough directional signs in Chinese and Japanese to help visitors from those countries to find their way around Yeosu during the Expo. OK, valid supposition–I’ve seen no signs in those languages in Yeosu, but I haven’t really been looking for them either, so there may be some. However, the main point of this article to me is that it states:

About 250,000 Chinese and 150,000 Japanese are expected to attend the Yeosu expo. Organizers estimate they will make up approximately 73 percent of all foreign participants in the event.

Excuse me? This seems to be so typical of the misinformation going around about the Expo. Let’s see, 250,000 Chinese visitors and 150,000 Japanese? According to most of the other information I’ve read, there will be an estimated 8 million visitors to the Expo during its three-month run. That works out to about 85,000 visitors a day, something I find incredibly difficult to believe. I sincerely cannot imagine that there will be that many people coming into Yeosu every day, on average. Where the heck will every one stay? The weekends will be horrible. I just don’t believe the “official” estimates. I’ll find out this summer, and if I’m wrong, I’ll let you know. However, if there are going to be that many visitors, why is it that, according to the article, there will be such a small amount of Japanese and Chinese attendees, countries that are just a hop, skip, and a jump from Yeosu? Hmmmm. Another piece of info about which I am skeptical. Out of a supposed 8 million visitors, there will only be 400,000 from China and Japan? I’d say the reporting about the attendance in that article is completely wrong.