I’m really stoked! There’s going to be a special preview day of the 2012 Expo on May 5th, which is Children’s Day here in South Korea. The Expo is selling advance tickets for only 3,000 Korean won, which is a bit less than $3.00 and quite a bit under the regular daily ticket price of 35,000 won that will be charged when the Expo officially opens on May 12th. Proceeds from the special preview will go to UNESCO’s Children’s Fund.

Expo officials put 110,000 preview tickets on sale, and, as of Tuesday morning, when I bought my ticket, there were 24,800 remaining. So, the number of people at the Expo site that day will probably total around the daily average for the three months running time of the event.

Many of the other English teachers at the university also bought tickets, and I think were all excited about spending some time at the site. I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and, of course, post here about the day.

However, not all the news about the Expo is good. Here’s an article from the Korean Times entitled Expectations for Yeosu Expo in which concerns are raised about attendance at the Expo.

 According to press reports, domestic ticket sales remain at about 425,000, only 14 percent of the organizer’s goal of 3 million. Overseas sales targeted 500,000 but only 37,000 tickets have been sold so far. The organizing committee says this week a contract to sell 100,000 tickets to China will be finalized.

Hopefully, as the event draws nearer, interest and excitement will pick up.

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The Expo site is looking awesome. Like I said, I’m really excited about being able to actually walk around the area on May 5th. From the look of things from outside the construction lines, it’s gonna be great. Hopefully, enough people will attend to make the effort pay for itself. In any case, I think it will prove to be worthwhile.