Tomorrow, May 5th, is the biggest rehearsal prior to the official opening of the Yeosu Expo 2012 next Saturday. I’ve got my ticket, so I’ll be there, finally being able to take some photos from inside the site (yes, yes, yes, YES!!!). Tickets for this rehearsal cost 3,000 won, about two and a half American dollars, compared to the standard daily pass price of 35,000 won ($31) after the Expo opens. There have been a few smaller-scale rehearsals over the past few weeks, the largest topping out at about 60,000 people. Tomorrow, however, more than 100,000 tickets have been sold, which is about the expected daily total for the duration of the three-month event. I’m really excited about wandering around the site tomorrow, exploring all the nooks and crannies I can find, as well as the main areas, and I’ll post my photos on Sunday. The area is so large, that I’ll be able to take photos all summer and not repeat myself. (A season pass costs 200,000 won, and I might buy one.)

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in my last post, I went on a field trip to the Expo (as well as to beautiful Heunguk temple) last Saturday. There was a rehearsal in progress, and I took a few shots of the area. So, here are a few of what are the probably the last long-range photos of the site that I’ll take. These pretty much show that every thing is in place, except for, perhaps, a few minor landscaping details. First up is the Expo Theme Pavilion.

Expo Theme

Expo Theme Pavilion

This is part of the area around the centerpiece Big O.

Expo 2012 Big O

The area around the Big O

Clockwise from the lower right is the Marine City and Civilization Pavilion, a white tent-like structure which I have no information about, the Theme Pavilion and behind it, the Sky Tower, the Corporate Pavilions area, and the cruise ship dock area.

Expo Overview

Expo View

Finally, an overview of the area (except for the MVL Hotel). If I weren’t so lazy, I’d put up some side-by-side photos of the area from before construction started and up to today, but maybe I’ll do that later.

Expo Overview from Jasan Park

Expo Overview from Jasan Park

Stay tuned for some Big Rehearsal Day photos on Sunday and, later in the week ahead, some photos of lovely Heunguk temple.