I went to the opening day of the Yeosu Expo 2012 yesterday, and it was spectacular, in my opinion. Most of the pavilions are up and running (except, of course, Saudi Arabia). Here, then, is a quick report.

If you’re looking for pavilions that provide the host country food, look no farther than these countries. The German Pavilion has an extensive menu, featuring a splendid German sausage sample platter (which I had) and several different types of beer. Belgium has plenty of their chocolates and features a chocolatier making chocolate confections as you watch. Their restaurant has plenty of food, including Belgian waffles and various beers. (As a side note, five of my students from last year are working in the pavilion, and I’m quite proud that they’re putting their English skills to good use.) Spain has a very nice tapas bar and, of course, Spanish beer and wine. In the Australia Pavilion, you can snack on various kangaroo meat dishes, and Uruguay [EDIT: changed from Ecuador–my mistake]┬áhas a small snack bar with several delicious-looking beef sandwiches (I’ll give ’em a try at a later date). I didn’t walk through all that many pavilions yesterday, but I bought a season pass, so I’ll be reporting throughout the summer on any other pavilions that have food and I’ll try to give some recommendations about interesting places to visit. (Can you tell I’m a bit of a foodie?) So far, definitely visit the above places, and I also found that the Pacific Joint Group Pavilion was very interesting (found the Laos booth there–no Lao food, however), which features booths from the Marshall Islands, the Solomons, Fiji, Tonga and others.

There are many other restaurants with Korean food and burgers and such, so you certainly won’t go hungry at the Expo, and the prices are reasonable. Lots of coffee shops, too, and if you drink too much coffee or beer, there are restrooms everywhere.

The afternoon performance at the Big O area was superb and is called, obviously, the Water Show. It’s quite colorful, entertaining and exciting. Be sure to take that in if you’re coming to the Expo.

There weren’t as many people as I expected, and certainly there were quite a lot fewer attendees than there were for the rehearsal on May 5th. That meant that the lines were much shorter for most of the exhibits. Officials estimated that around 100,000 visitors would attend each day this past weekend. I didn’t go today, but, hey, I’ve got all summer! I haven’t processed yesterday’s photos yet, but I’ll get those up ASAP.

In short, I really think the Korean government and the Korean people have done a great job getting this all set up and running, and if you plan on coming over, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I hope to see you at the Yesou 2012 Expo.