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Thai Bound (Soon)

Geez, I’m getting antsy to go to Thailand. Right now, this late at night (no classes tomorrow), I’m sitting here making out my packing list for Thailand/Laos. One thing I have to do is to buy some souvenirs for Nai and his family and for Eugene and Tyra. Then, in Thailand and Laos, I want to get some stuff to bring back for my friends and students (the two are mutually interchangeable) in Meknes. I also have to buy some Lao coffee for myself and for John in Rabat, who is currently attending the 40th Annual TESOL conference in Tampa.

Let’s see . . . I’ll be sure to pack my camera for lots of photos, but I’m gonna pack light. Right now, the daily high temperature in Vientiane is hovering near the 100 degree mark and it’s quite humid. I’ll definitely pack my swim trunks, either for floating the Nam Song river in Vang Vieng or swimming in the Mekong. However, I don’t think it will be too comfortable hauling around a couple of heavy bags.

I’ll try to keep up this blog while I’m on the road, but traveling in the hinterlands of Laos might not lend itself to posting too often, so be patient. I’ll do the best I can. Photos optional, but eventually posted. More later.


I was sitting here this morning drinking my usual 4 cups of coffee when I heard a disturbance in the street outside my apartment–lots of squabbling, arguing and raised voices, but I couldn’t see what was going on, since it was happening on my side of the street and I can’t see directly below the apartment out of my window. Folks on the other side of the street were staring intently toward my side of the street at whatever was happening. I went back to reading email, but the level of noise picked up. I went to the window and saw that the National Police had arrived with a paddy wagon. They “escorted” two people into the back of the van; one was a man in handcuffs, probably in his mid-20s and the other looked to be an older lady, not cuffed, wearing a shawl, so I didn’t get a good look at her. I don’t know what they were doing to cause them to get arrested, but it was an interesting highlight of the morning. Now excuse me while I finish with my caffeine fix.

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