Work continues on the new golf course across the valley from the campus. Right now it’s a real eyesore and from what I hear, many people in Yeosu, including a large percentage of golfers, opposed its creation. As you can see below, half a mountainside is being altered, for good or bad, to make way for the links. I hope it’s worth it.

Here is the main site, but there is a smaller section off to the right.


And here’s a closer shot.


The course is supposed to be open by the 2012 Expo being held here, and it would be interesting to see what it looks like. However, I doubt I’ll be here to see it. Due to the still-rotten currency exchange rate for the Korean won, I’m starting to look for greener pastures, where the currency is more stable, perhaps somewhere in the mid-East. I’d love to stay here, but under the current financial condition, that’s more or less impossible.

We’re finally going to get some decent weather, with the forecast calling for mostly sunny skies and temperatures hovering near the mid-50s this week. While that’s nice, I’d still like to see about 25 degrees more. 😎

It’s Super Bowl day in the U.S., but to tell the truth I didn’t even know where it was being played or who was playing until just a few days ago. American football’s not my cup of tea; never has been. I’ve been thinking more of the fact that the baseball camps in the Dominican Republic probably opened this past weekend–sunny skies, warm weather, beautiful beaches, the crack of bat against ball . . . ahhhhhh. As frequent reader and Red Sox fan OGM is sure to remind me, Spring Training begins soon. More later.