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Vacation Time

So, our spring semester ends today and the teachers have 3 weeks off, until July 6th. Hmmmm, I wonder what I should do, where I might go . . . ? I know, how about a trip to Laos and Thailand? Great idea!

Yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. from Seoul, flying to Bangkok, where I have a 6-hour layover at the airport there. Then, it’s on to Laos, the flight arriving in Vientiane around 9 p.m. tomorrow night.

It’s rainy season there right now, so I probably won’t get a lot of sun, but there’s usually still enough that I won’t get waterlogged. Should be fun despite the wet weather. I’ll try to keep you posted. At any rate, I won’t be obsessed with watching baseball for a while. I’ll also be leaving behind my disappointment that the Yanks lost 3 more games to the Red Sox, making the team 0-8 this season against the Boston guys. 🙁 Sheeeeesh! More later.

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  1. OGM

    I guess from your post there’s not need to pile on here…after all, I’m a very classy (albeit obsessed) woman. I’ll just say this: what is one word that names a long handled tool with long pliable bristles on one end and is used for brushing away unwanted debris ? :rolleyes:

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