USA Pavilion Ad

Photo From the USA Pavilion Organization

I’ve finally found some information about the United States pavilion at the 2012 Expo. There’s an article on the Korea IT Times that gives some details. Some snippets from the article are:

“The USA Pavilion will use the power of storytelling to bring to life the core values of innovation, partnership and hope that define the American spirit for millions of visitors,” said Andrew Snowhite, chief executive officer of USA Pavilion 2012.

A main attraction of stunning images, music and film will be projected in dazzling clarity across a 70-foot wide screen. Created around the simple yet impactful concept of “This is My Ocean,” individual voices and stories will unfold during the presentation to convey the diverse beauty of the American coastline and the many personal and profound types of connections Americans enjoy with the vast ocean. . .

A large screen composed entirely of water will amaze guests when they enter the USA Pavilion. This fluid and shifting surface is the perfect canvas to begin a unique journey that will take guests from the shorelines of America to the frontiers of deep ocean research . . .

There’s a lot more information on the the USA Pavilion Expo 2012 website, so check it out if you get a chance. I’ll be doing a photo walk tomorrow around the Expo site here in Korea, and I hope to have the latest construction photos up shortly thereafter.