I haven’t been to any pavilions recently, because, as I noted in another post, the Expo is finally attracting large numbers of people, and lines have become extremely long at most of the venues. I can’t stand waiting in line for a long time, so I’ve avoided them. I don’t have any morning classes next week, so I’m sure I’ll make a trip or two to the Expo at opening time, 9 a.m. Lines at that time, perhaps, won’t be quite as long. In fact, I have only a 1 p.m. class next week, so going for a few hours in the morning and going again around 2:30 might make for an interesting schedule.

Why would I do that? Because, speaking of next week, WOW! It’s the final week of the Expo, which finishes on August 12th. I can’t believe it; it seems like it just opened. Those of us who enjoy going there regularly are really going to miss it. We might have to start up a 12-step group to recover! 🙂 So, I want to maximize my Expo-going time.

Despite the large crowds, there are other things to do, like taking in the various cultural performances that occur around the site throughout the day. I recently attended the Angola Cultural Performance at the Ocean Plaza, one of the outdoor venues, and it was very well done, with traditional drummers and dancers, and more modern performers, engaging in an exciting, rhythm-filled, toe-tapping hour of fun. Here are a few photos.

I forgot to find out the names of these performers, but this guy was the lead-off singer.

Angola singer at cultural performance

Angola Singer

Here he’s urging the crowd in a sing-along, after he sang a few words in Korean. The audience loved it.

Angola singer

Angola Singer

The two exciting drummers for this performance were wonderful.

Angola drummers

Angola Drummers

Three lovely traditional dancers.

Angola dancers

Angola Dancers

This drummer has a great smile!

Angola drummer

Angola Drummer

A couple of Korean kids were part of the good-sized audience watching the performance.

Children watching Angola performance

Young Spectators

Another good, more-modern musical performance was given by these beautiful ladies.

Angola singer and dancer

Angola Singer and Dancer

Singer and dancer

Angola Singer and Dancer

And here, a few more ladies join in the fun.

Angola singer and dancers

Angola Singer and Dancers

Finally, waving the flag.

Waving the flag

Waving the Flag

And one of the patriotic drummers.

Angola Drummer with Flag

Angola Drummer with Flag

As I stated in my prior review of it, the Angola restaurant/bar is THE chill place to grab some food and a beverage. That still holds true, despite the huge crowds at the Expo these days. Many Korean tour groups pass through the Angolan Pavilion and walk right past the restaurant, but not many Koreans, for one reason or another, take the time to enjoy the atmosphere and good food, so there are usually seats available. Consequently, if you want to escape the crowds and heat outside, spend a leisurely 30-60 minutes enjoying some great Angolan food, beer and music at the atmospheric restaurant in the Angolan Pavilion. (By the way, if you go, just go the Exit of the pavilion, not the Entrance. There’s sometimes a Korean guy there telling you it’s an Exit only, but just tell him you’re going to the restaurant. Enjoy.)