Typhoon Bolaven is forecast to start really affecting Yeosu later this evening as it approaches the Korean peninsula, with the highest winds and heaviest rain reaching us in the wee hours of the morning and into tomorrow afternoon. The KMA is forecasting sustained winds of about 55 mph in Yeosu, although we seem to get much higher wind gusts up on the side of the hill where the university is located. Heavy rains are also predicted for the area, though I haven’t seen any precise figures yet. The west coast of Korea is forecast to get up to 12 inches. Hmmm, we had that much in Yeosu just a few days ago.

One of my colleagues said that the elementary schools in Yeosu are closed today because of the imminent bad weather conditions, and the Language Center at the university cancelled this afternoon’s children’s classes. Right now, the evening adult classes are still scheduled to take place, though that may change in the next few hours.

So, we sit and wait to see how heavy an impact Bolaven will have on Korea and how much Yeosu will feel of this huge system’s wrath. I’ll let you know on the other side, later, but stay tuned for possible updates later tonight as the weather warrants.