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Lucky (Sled) Dogs

My brother emailed me from Great Falls, Montana, my former hometown, with news that they’ve received 23 inches of snow since Saturday. Whoa! Lots of fun for commuters, unless all the roads are shut down. Looking at the Great Falls Tribune Photo Gallery [EDIT: the newspaper pulled the photos off their website.] of the event, it appears that the city plowed the roads in pretty good order, so I don’t supposed too many people in the city were stranded, but I dare say more than a few ranchers and farmers have had their hands full.

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  1. The farmers and ranchers have indeed had their hands full, but they are extremely grateful for the snow, due to the fact that the snows fell before the ground could freeze over and the moisture will now go right into the soil instead of running off. The rest of us, however, aren’t real thrilled, with the exception of skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers. Many hunters got stranded in the mountains and required rescue.

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