Yes, I’m back in very hot Montana. The temperatures here in Great Falls and elsewhere in Big Sky Country have been over or near 100 degrees for a week now and the long range forecast isn’t calling for much relief. Global warming? Is there any doubt?

Still, it’s pretty nice. I was worried about the effect of the higher altitude on my jogging efforts, but actually, I’ve been able to jog longer with less effort, knocking off 52 minutes at a stretch with ease. I think it has a lot to do with the much lower humidity. Maybe I weigh less farther from the earth’s core. 🙂

I’ll get my medical results back this Wednesday, and then I’m hitching a ride to Missoula with my mother. The plane for the Land of Smiles leaves there on the morning of the 23rd. I’ll get into Bangkok early in the morning of the 25th, a time that suits me better than my usual 11 p.m. arrival time. Unfortunately, in order to catch that particular flight on Thai Airways, I have a 7-hour layover at Los Angeles International (LAX). Doubly unfortunate is that in order to arrive back in Missoula in September at a decent hour, I’ll have a 9-hour layover there on the way back. To top it off, almost all of the reviews I’ve read about LAX give it very low scores as an airport to be spending any time in. (Some representative reviews can be found here, and here). In other words, most posters at some of the relevant websites write that it should be avoided at all costs! Yuck. Well, I think I’ll manage. More later.