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Odds ‘n Ends

After having ark loads of rain last week, making the fields too muddy to jog on, we’ve been experiencing marvelous, sunny, tropical weather this week, the kind that is featured in travel brochures. Because I hadn’t been jogging all that much the few weeks prior to last, I thought I must have put on a bit more weight. But I weighed myself just before resuming my daily running program, and, wow, I’d actually lost a few pounds. It must be the power of positive thinking. Sit back, think “lose weight, lose weight, fat off,” and eat all the Dominican food and Burger King junk you want and “POOF”–pounds away. The Montanaron Diet, one to rival Atkins and others. 🙄

The expected April 1st arrival of the new players didn’t happen. Instead, most of them will be coming around the first part of May, I’ve been told. My classes, though not as large as before, are still of a decent size, and a few new/old players seem to trickle in every week. Some are returning from Tampa, others from their home countries, and there are a few new ones at the camp. It helps keep me on my teacher toes.

Here’s an interesting video from Reuters about an all-woman team clearing unexploded bombs in Laos, bombs left over from America’s secret assault on the country during the Vietnam War. I hope to journey into that part of the country when I go to Laos in July and August.

The Yanks knocked off the Red Sox last night in their first meeting of the year. Let’s hope they can keep it up. (Hey Tiger fans–what seems to be the problem?) More later.

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  1. One game a season does not make…stand by. Speaking of monsoons, that is what is expected in Boston this morning but hopefully the new drainage system in right field will permit the 3:30pm start of game 2.

    Did you read about construction worker who placed an Ortiz jersey during the foundation work of the new Yankees stadium to curse the stadium ? Clever. But there’s talk of placing him in the witness protection program now.

    We await the birth of the next citizen of Red Sox Nation this morning. The next Mikey Lowell ?

    Best regards to Nai. Hope all is well in that part of the world.

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