Here’s another news article about UXOs (Unexploded Ordinance), particularly cluster bombs, in Laos. Though the U.S. is one of the countries helping to clear Laos of these things, it’s still shameful that the U.S. dropped all these devices on Laos in the first place. What’s even more disgusting is that the U.S. government refused to sign a treaty Friday banning these horrors. Granted, China, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan and Brazil also refused to sign, (WARNING–going on the soapbox) but it seems that the U.S. USED TO, at some distant time in the past, try to set a shining example of adhering to humanitarian ideals. I could be mistaken about that since recent history seems to show otherwise. Sometimes, I don’t recognize the USA anymore. It has become, in many ways, a totalitarian, war-mongering state, one that seems to be completely at odds with the beacon of light it could and should be. (OK, I’m off the soapbox.)

The weather has really been oppressive lately, enough so that it almost–almost–reminds me of Missoula in the winter–always cloudy, very little sunshine. We had enough rain a few days ago to render the warning tracks a bit muddy, but not unplayable. Still, what boring conditions for a tropical location, not to mention how clammy it’s been, with no breeze to speak of. Geez, I’m so tired of the weather that I’m thinking of leaving in several weeks. 🙂

It’s a bit tough (tongue firmly in cheek) sitting on the beach in Boca Chica under this unwanted cloud cover when you’ve got ants in your pants to go somewhere else. Being not that far from the airport, you can see all the larger international jets soaring into the sky, leaving for South America, Mexico, Europe, and other destinations. You wish you were on one of them and going to somewhere sunny, somewhere like, oh, . . . Thailand, for example.

Or Laos.
Or Korea.
Or Somewhere.

More later. Especially if the sun comes out today. (And then I won’t want to go anywhere.) 😎