It seems that the launch of the Korean rocket yesterday was successful, but the orbital insertion of the satellite failed. The first stage of the rocket was Russian-made and the 2nd was Korean. The Russians claim that the 2nd stage failed to do its job, causing the satellite failure. So, it’s probably a 50-50 success-failure situation for South Korea. Nice try, and I’m sure the country will attempt to put another one up in the near future.


I mentioned in the previous post that there would be some fumigatin’ goin’ on today. Well, I put everything away, including my computer, dishes and silverware, miscellaneous foodstuff, clothing, towels, etc. I did see the crew setting up outside the dorm and I took off for a few hours, going downtown, walking around and buying some groceries. On returning to my apartment, I did a visual inspection, but didn’t see anything unusual; did a smell test, but nothing out of the ordinary; then I swiped my hand over some newly cleaned surfaces, looking for some chemical residue, but, again, negative findings. My guess is that they never actually came into my room. Now, after all that cleaning up and putting everything in order, I have to worry about returning the place to its usual chaotic disorder. I suppose if I just carry on normally things will take care of themselves.