I’m feeling a bit maudlin this evening, continuing to update the old posts. Right now, I’ve made my way back to Morocco, 2006. As I go through all of these previous posts, converting the old links and photos to the WordPress paradigm, I’m really feeling the urge to travel, to pick my feet up and go. But not only to travel, but to also move along to another country to work and to settle down in for a while. Korea’s ok–the pay is good, the people are mostly friendly, and Yeosu is quite beautiful. However, I really miss the Dominican Republic and Morocco. I have an urge to go somewhere else, not necessarily those two countries, but to somewhere. I’ve never been to the Near East, like Turkey, or to South America. Indonesia beckons sometimes. India is out there somewhere.

I’d like to satisfy this itch by finding a job in another region of the world, but good positions are getting harder to find at my age (which I won’t mention here :smile:). My one big regret about this life that I’m leading now, compared to where I was 30 years or so ago, is that I didn’t pursue this type of job and this lifestyle when I was younger. Nothing I can do to change that, though. Perhaps I’ll look to go somewhere outside of Korea after this contract expires in August, perhaps not. At any rate, I still consider myself lucky to have experienced all that I have in the last 10 years. More later.