Occasionally when I talk to Nai in Laos he tells me about birthdays. Instead of saying “Today is my father’s birthday” or “Today is my sister’s birthday” he says “Today is Happy Birthday to my Father.” Well, then, today is Happy Birthday to Me! Yep, time flies, but I don’t feel a day older than . . . ummm . . . a day older than . . . uhhh . . . well, nevermind. I forget! (Which should tell you something.) Thanks everyone who sent me ecard greetings. That definitely saves the Montana folks from having to slog through at least 12 inches of snow to get to their mailboxes. Better you than me, although I hear that the mountains south of Meknes have a lot of snow. The ski resorts should be booming this weekend. (Yes, some African countries get their share of snow in winter.)

The first day of classes seemed to go ok; as I expected, my students are quite sharp and they’ll keep me on my toes. Since our school does not use any textbooks, I find that I’m doing a lot of copying. That’s the main reason I broke down and bought a printer/scanner/copier, an HP 1513, a few weekends ago. It sure has come in handy.

After all the rain and cold we had on Saturday, today and yesterday were very sunny and pleasant, but each night seems to be getting colder. More later.