Literally. I’m so sad. The great Mariano Rivera, closing pitcher extraordinaire for the New York Yankees, took a tumble while shagging fly balls during batting practice today, and tore up his knee to an extent that it could mean the end of his season and of his career. Mo was, perhaps, going to retire after this year, but this is one of those things that just shouldn’t happen. Not just another selfish, rich athlete, he is a marvelous example of the combination of humility, excellence and spirituality. Here’s a New York Times article that kind of sums it up – Imagining the Ninth Inning Without Its Star, and here’s a post I wrote after I met him at the Yankees’ baseball academy in The Dominican Republic.

Mariano Rivera


(I’d like to give credit to whoever took this photo, but I found it on many different websites, including Flickr, so to whoever originally took the shot–Thanks!)

It seems like Rivera’s amazing career is over, but if anyone can come back from this extreme injury, Mariano can. Let’s hope that he’ll be shutting down the opposition in the 2012 play offs. Let’s Go Mo!

P.S. I just read this morning (May 5th) that Rivera says he’ll be back for the 2013 season. He said that he’ll not let his career end this way. That’s great news. I still hope he’ll be back for the playoffs this year, though. 🙂