As forecast, Typhoon Danas is racing north-east ward through the Korea Strait separating Korea and Japan. It’s somewhat south of us, so we’re only feeling the fringe here in Yeosu. The KMA forecasts anywhere from 3-4 inches of rain (an inch and a half, so far), and winds close to 40 mph in Yeosu. Right now the rain is coming down pretty good, but so far the winds haven’t hit. Supposedly that’ll happen in a few hours, with the heaviest rain coming then.

That’s all OK, except for the fact that I’m teaching classes tonight. And that’s bad because when the wind picks up to that speed and it’s raining heavily, the rain gets blown through my windows, into the sill and then overflows into my apartment. It’s happened numerous times in the past, but, mostly, I’ve been around to keep up with the water. I’ll have to rig something up before I go to class, towels to sop up the water in the window sill and pans to catch the drip from the towels. As extra insurance, I’ve picked up everything off the floor and put stuff onto my bed and the sofa. Hopefully, it’ll all work out well.

I mentioned before that I couldn’t find any info on typhoons hitting Korea this late in the season. Here’s an article from the Korea Herald that states this is the first time since 1998 we’ve had an October typhoon, and it’s only the fourth that’s been recorded since 1950. And, there have been reports on CNN weather that there is another possible system forming in the Pacific near the Philippines that could target our area later on. I’ll keep an eye on it.