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Day: September 17, 2005

Time Check

I just noticed that my blog entries still reflect Korean time, so I’ve changed the configuration file so that the correct local time is shown.

I also just purchased Major League Baseball Gameday Audio, so I can listen to the Yanks on the radio over the computer. This wireless network I’ve tapped into is just not fast enough to run the video that I’m already subscribed to. Hopefully when I get my regular connection, it’ll be fast enough to handle the video. Until then, I’m content to listen to the games. Go Yanks. Only 1 1/2 back from Boston and closing fast!


I keep making the 15-minutes walk to Label Vie (La Bell Vee) supermarket to stock up on stuff, and I can’t help but notice how low the price is for veggies, with carrots, onions and potatoes ranging between 10 to 20 cents a pound and they are fresh. Apples check in at around 50 cents/lb. Meknes is situated in a fertile valley and agriculture is probably the chief concern. Friday is the Muslim sabbath, and couscous is the traditional dish eaten on that day. Right now I’m at the dinner table eating couscous, carrots, potatoes, peas and onions, all mixed together. Delicious! But, not nearly as good as that which Mohammed’s wife prepared last Friday.

Below is my first Meknes photo, a setting sun near one of the many beautiful mosques that spike the skyline of the medinah (old city). More later

Time Check

Just realized that my posts were still reflecting Korean time, so I changed my config file to set the blog to Moroccan time.

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