Yeah, I was able to retrieve my notebook from the Internet Cafe. Lucky me! There isn’t a whole lot of personal information in there, but I did have some of my bank account passwords or login names, but they were written in a shorthand code that only I know. Perhaps an astute hacker would be able to find them out, but I doubt it. Still, I’m going to go to all my accounts and change passwords and login names, just to be on the safe side.

I forgot how hot Santo Domingo can be, what with all the concrete trapping the heat. Add to that the normally high humidity and the extra moisture from the rain last night and walking around for even 5 or 10 minutes left me dripping wet. It was great to get back to the apartment at the camp and turn on the air conditioner.

I did get a few more emails from other relatives of the forwarder of the false email story that put me on my rant. They all accused me of attacking this person, despite my stating at the start of my email that I wasn’t singling this person out, that I was ranting against all emails that are forwarded without first being verified as to the validity of the contents. I’m sorry that they felt I was in a personal attack mode–I certainly wasn’t, because I love this relative too.

Everyone felt that I was being childish to complain about an innocuous little email, but I’ve been the recipient of many more important ones, many from this person, containing completely false information. The point I was trying to make, ineffectively, I now realize, is that if we accept these little lies, falsehoods and misinformation as truth because they come from someone we know, respect and love, is it a far stretch to see that we’ll fall for the bigger lies, lies told by the government, for example. Or Big Corporations. Or the military. Because, after all, our government wouldn’t lie to us, would it? Would it? Of course, some of the more rabid comments were directed at the “political agenda” I was trying to push. Heck, I’m about as apolitical as they come, being neither Democrat or Republican.

Ah, well, at any rate, I opened a can of worms and made some enemies–guess I’ll just have to live with it now.

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